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Jack riesce a catturare Henderson e prova a costringerlo a consegnargli la registrazione ma l'uomo nel tentativo di guadagnare tempo ha preso di mira James Heller. Logan confessa alla moglie il suo coinvolgimento nell'assassinio dell'ex-Presidente David Palmer. Mentre Miles riesce a rintracciare Chloe che sta lavorando nell'abitazione di Bill Buchanan, la Hayes comincia a domandarsi perché Logan abbia disposto la chiusura del CTU.


scritto da: Craig Van Sickle, Steven Long Mitchell
diretto da: Dwight Little
1^ visione Fox: 17 aprile 2006 [ep. #5.19]

• Curiosità
Il regista dell'episodio Dwight Little ha già diretto Jayne Atkinson nel film "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home".
Ray Wise (il vicepresidente Hal Gardner), Peter Weller (Christopher Henderson) e Paul McCrane (Graham) erano apparsi tutti e tre nel film "Robocop" nel 1987.
Questo è il primo episodio che vede Kiefer Sutherland nelle vesti di produttore esecutivo.

• Quotes
Novick: All I know is that, it's been a strange night.

Karen: Are you telling me you are not in the loop?
Novick: Actually, I don't think there is a loop.

Audrey: Jack?
Jack: Audrey listen to me. Henderson's men have zeroed in on your location, they're heading back towards you. You've gotta get outta there now.
Audrey: And just leave him?
Jack: We don't have a choice.
Audrey: Yes, we do Jack. I have the gun and I can kill him.

Martha: Damn it open this door! I don't know what you think you're doing but you better think again!

Karen: Shari, did Chloe tell you why she was helping Audrey Raines and Bauer?
Shari: She thinks Jack is innocent.
Karen: Based on what?
Shari: Based on some absurd idea that, that President Logan framed Bauer. She even said something about President Logan being involved in the assassination of David Palmer. I mean, can you believe her? And people think I'm crazy.

Jack (a Henderson): Today you have been responsible for killing an ex-president David Palmer and the secretary of defense, two real patriots. Damn you. What happened to you?

Chloe (a Buchanan): I hope you don't mind me bossing you around but technically I don't work for you anymore.

Heller: There is a chopper above me. Who are they?
Jack: Henderson's men. He claims he has given them orders to kill you if I don't let him go.
Heller: Is he bluffing?
Jack: He doesn't do that, sir.

Miles: I got O'Brian.
Karen: Did you find her on our system?
Miles: Yeah, she was using one of our nodes to try to log in to the state department network.
Karen: Do we know why?
Miles: No but she was using a work around I have never seen before so I machine coded a matrix to get through...
Karen: Miles, we just need to find her. Where is she?

Martha: I will keep my mouth shut because the people in this country doesn't deserve to suffer. You do Charles...You do.

Chloe (a Buchanan): Open up a parallel channel in the NSA's LAN SATS. Scan radio slices in three malincrements emanating from the retreat... sir.

Karen: Why did you let Chloe escape?
Shari: She... intimidated me.
Karen: She intimidated you?

Heller: Do not let them get away with this!

Martha: I've forgiven you many things, Charles, But not this. You've broken my heart. I'm looking at you and...I hate you.

Jack: How could you do this? This isn't about what you think is best for the country. This is about your greed for power.

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