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Dopo aver imbarcato su un aereo il contatto di Henderson e la registrazione che dimostra il coinvolgimento di Logan nell'attentato a Palmer, Jack è costretto ad avere a che fare con un pilota che si rifiuta di collaborare. Martha inizia a sentirsi male e Mike Novick comincia a sospettare che la donna gli nasconda qualcosa, mentre il Presidente Logan tenta di mantenere calmi i suoi finanziatori.


scritto da: Michael Loceff, Joel Surnow
diretto da: Dwight Little
1^ visione Fox: 1 maggio 2006 [ep. #5.20]

• Curiosità
Richard Gilliland che interpreta il pilota Stan Cotter è nella vita reale il marito di Jean Smart (Martha Logan).

• Quotes
Hans Meyer: Air's coming in.
Jack: It's not coming in, it's going out.

Novick: We've uhh... been through some tough times before, Martha. Just follow the doctors orders for now.
Martha: This is more than just a tough time, Mike. None of this is gonna go away, I just have to live with it.
Novick: What do you mean it's not going to go away? What are you talking about?
Martha: I shouldn't have said that.
Novick: Martha... It's me. You say what needs to be said.
Martha: What needs to be said I can't say to you.

Martha: I don't need counseling, Mike, I just want a damn pill!

Martha: You don't have much of a personality, do you, Justin?

Martha: I just called the President of the United States a son of a bitch, no reaction? He must have some kind of law in the books against that. Or am I immune? Just like he is.

Jack: You're gonna land this plane or I'm gonna put a bullet in your head.

Jack: You don't strike me as a man willing to die for Christopher Henderson.

Jack: Do as I say and no one will get hurt, if you don't, people will die!

Graem: You're going to have to shoot down that plane Mr. President.
Logan: What?!
Graem: It's the only option we've got. Otherwise, you go to prison for treason and murder.

Logan: Listen to me, this man is desperate. He will say or do anything. He's not to be trusted. We need to take him down now, dead or alive.

Ross: Hey, what ya got - a little voice over ip going on there?
Chloe: Please leave me alone.
Ross: No, seriously, I can help. I know a way for you to get some free bandwidth.
Chloe: Really?
Ross: Absolutely!
Chloe: Sit down!
Ross: Cool. Wow, nice piece. Never seen one of these before, what is that?
Chloe: It's a CTU series 4.

Novick: I just spoke with the President and I got the same feeling from him that I get from you.
Martha: Which is?
Novick: That you're both covering something up.
Martha: You know Mike, I'm the one around here that's supposed to be paranoid, not you.

Logan: I don't see where it becomes your business Mike.
Novick: I'll tell you where Mr. President. I'm your Chief of Staff. If there's something going on that I don't know about that involves national security it is my business.

Novick: Jack Bauer has been on the right side of everything that's happened today up until now.
Logan: Well right now he's hijacking a plane.

Buchanan: You have no idea what you're dealing with, you little asskisser.

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