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Data di trasmissione Fox Usa: 12 febbraio 2007
Data di trasmissione Fox Italia: inedito
Data di trasmissione Rete4: inedito
Scritto da: Evan Katz, David Fury
Diretto da: Jon Cassar
Show Star: Marisol Nichols (Nadia Yassir), Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O'Brian), Peter MacNicol (Thomas Lennox), Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), James Morrison (Bill Buchanan), Eric Balfour (Milo Pressman), DB Woodside (Wayne Palmer), Carlo Rota (Morris O'Brian)
Recurring Role: Rena Sofer (Marilyn), Alexander Siddig (Hamri Al-Assad)
Guest Star: Lawton R. Metcalf (Pilot), Sam Younis (Taj), Missy Crider (Rita), Evan Ellingson (Josh), James C. Victor (Agent Hal Turner), Jamison Jones (Secret Service Agent), Michael Reilly Burke (Carson), David Hunt (Darren McCarthy), Chad Lowe (Reed Pollock), Adoni Maropis (Abu Fayed)

Jack prova a rintracciare Morris, mentre Fayed inizia a torturarlo in modo da avere la sua collaborazione. Mentre Palmer si appresta a incontrare Al Assad per convincerlo e rendere pubbliche le sue intenzioni di pace, Lennox in seguito al suo fallimento, pensa seriamente di dimettersi ma Reed Pollock gli suggerisce un piano che possa estromettere radicalmente il Presidente dalla sua carica.

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• Quotes
Jack: It's done. The bomb is disarmed. Notify your men the bomb's been deactivated. It's over.
Morris: It's not over.

Jack: Are you sure this time?
Chloe: As sure as I'm going to be before this bomb goes off.

Morris: Oh, yes! Yes! Very good! A bit excessive, but you did the right thing! Now I've got to get hold of CTU and...

Lennox: You can't possibly be intimating what I think you are.
Reed: I'm not intimating anything. I'm just simply musing.
Lennox: Careful. That kind of musing can get you thrown into prison for treason.

Lennox: This memo says Palmer's arranging for Assad to make a televised statement.
Reed: I heard.
Lennox: Not only are we providing free airtime to a mass murderer and a vowed enemy of democracy, we are proving terrorism works.

Wayne (a Assad): Now, between you and me, sir, I really don't give a damn how and when you wanted to present your agenda; the time is now. You want to lead this peace initiative... then lead.

Wayne: My country, sir... has suffered a nuclear attack by the very same terrorists who used to follow you. housands of innocent Americans are dead or dying as we speak.
Assad: I'm aware of the tragedy in California, Mr. President. I was there.
Wayne: Then you understand, that if Fayed successfully detonates any more nuclear weapons on US soil, there will be no chance whatsoever for a peace agreement. The American people are demanding that we strike back. And not just at organizations such as yours, but at the governments that support them. Now, if just one more nuke goes off, one more, we won't have a choice. You understand me? We're talking about war.

Wayne (a Assad): I've checked out your background.And despite my understandable skepticism, I do believe you're serious about wanting this negotiated peace.
Assad: On my own terms, yes.

Jack: CTU. This is Bauer. We've got a problem.

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