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Data di trasmissione Fox Usa: 12 febbraio 2007
Data di trasmissione Fox Italia: inedito
Data di trasmissione Rete4: inedito
Scritto da: Adam E. Fierro
Diretto da: Brad Turner
Show Star: Eric Balfour (Milo Pressman), James Morrison (Bill Buchanan), Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), Marisol Nichols (Nadia Yassir), Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O'Brian), Peter MacNicol (Thomas Lennox), Carlo Rota (Morris O'Brian), DB Woodside (Wayne Palmer)
Recurring Role: Alexander Siddig (Hamri Al-Assad), Rena Sofer (Marilyn)
Guest Star: Dylan Kenin (Gredenko's Programmer), Jolene Kim (Melinda), Brian Silverman (CTU Swat Agent), Lex Cassar (CTU Agent Ryan), Chad Lowe (Reed Pollock), Adoni Maropis (Abu Fayed), Rade Serbedzija (Dmitri Gredenko), Maury Sterling (Kozelek), Natalija Nogulich (CTU Doctor), Evan Ellingson (Josh), Adrian Neil (Liddy), Powers Booth (Noah Daniels), James Cromwell (Phillip Bauer)

Marilyn fornisce a Jack un indizio che potrebbe aiutarlo nella ricerca di Gredenko, ma Philip è intenzionato a coprire le sue tracce. Mentre il Vice Presidente dice a Wayne di riconsiderare il suo discorso con Al Assad, Lennox ripensa alla proposta di Reed riguardo il destino del Presidente.

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• Quotes
Chloe: Morris... I realize you've been through a lot today, but you're really starting to piss me off.
Morris: Well, add that to my list of shortcomings. Why did you do that?
Chloe: I didn't want to.
Morris: Look, if you're gonna try and save a bloke, save someone who's worth it.

Chloe: I'm really glad Fayed didn't kill you this morning.
Jack: Yeah, me too.

Jack: I lost control. I tried to tell you I didn't think I could do this. This job. I wanted to kill my brother. I wanted him dead. I was standing over him...and I looked up and I saw my father in the doorway... and everything just stopped.

Jack: You cannot cover this up. I ordered Agent Burke to administer the hyocine-pentathol. I killed my brother. Whatever the consequences are, I accept them. Bill... do this right.

Assad: As someone who has alienated followers by choosing the unpopular course, I suggest you tread carefully among your people.
Wayne: Mr. Assad, our cultures are very different, sir.
Assad: It's not just a cultural issue, Mr. President. It's simple human nature. They will come after you. I assure you of that.

Daniels: There's a thin line between conviction and stubbornness. You can stand firm, but just know that... you're standing alone.

Assad: You are paying a very high price for doing this.
Wayne: Not as high as my country will pay if I'm wrong.

Phillip: Do the right thing, Marilyn. I already lost a son today. Don't make me lose a grandson.

Phillip: We've got to get to him before they do. If Gredenko implicates me, everything... the company I founded and spent my life protecting... it's over, you understand?

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