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Data di trasmissione Fox Usa: 19 febbraio 2007
Data di trasmissione Fox Italia: inedito
Data di trasmissione Rete4: inedito
Scritto da: Howard Gordon, Evan Katz
Diretto da: Brad Turner
Show Star: Carlo Rota (Morris O'Brian), Peter MacNicol (Thomas Lennox), Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O'Brian), Marisol Nichols (Nadia Yassir), Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), James Morrison (Bill Buchanan), Eric Balfour (Milo Pressman), DB Woodside (Wayne Palmer)
Recurring Role: Jamison Jones (Secret Service Agent), Evan Ellingson (Josh), Rena Sofer (Marilyn Bauer), Chad Lowe (Reed Pollock)
Guest Star: Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan), Lyn Alicia Henderson (Survivor), Matt McKenzie (Agent Hollister), Lex Cassar (CTU Agent Ryan), Dylan Kenin (Gredenko's Programmer), Will Radford (Jimmy), James C. Victor (Agent Hal Turner), Maury Sterling (Hacker), Rade Serbedzija (Dmitri Gredenko), James Cromwell (Phillip Bauer)

Marilyn dice finalmente a Jack la verità riguardo il coinvolgimento del padre nella cospirazione. Per arrivare all'uomo Jack usa la cognata e una volta arrivato all'albergo dove è assieme al nipote, si consegna a lui in cambio della libertà di Josh. Chloe copre Morris che sta ricadendo nel vizio dell'alcool. Lennox, dopo aver fatto finta di voler prendere parte all'iniziativa di Reed Pollock contro il Presidente Palmer, tenta di allertare i Servizi Segreti ma viene intercettato dall'uomo.

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• Curiosità
Gregory Itzin non è accreditato nei titoli di testa per destare sorpresa con la sua comparsa a fine episodio.

• Quotes
Jack: My name is Jack Bauer. Who am I talking to?
Logan: You must've exhausted all your options to find Gredenko.
Jack: Who is this?
Logan: It's Charles Logan, Jack.

Phillip: I'm a patriot, Jack. I never wanted any harm to come to this country.
Jack: You want to lie to yourself, you go ahead, but stop lying to me! You let all of this happen just so you could cover up what you did!
Phillip: You have all the smarts that Graem never had.

Jack (a Marilyn): You know how to use this? Point and shoot.

Milo: Has he been drinking?
Chloe: You smelled it on his breath?
Milo: Yeah.
Chloe: I did, too. I already talked to him about it. He didn't metabolize the alcohol.
Milo: He didn't metabolize the alcohol?

Phillip: Jack, even when you were young, I learned never to underestimate you.

Phillip: Josh...Don't even think about it. No one's life is worth the destruction of everything I've built.

Nadia: Morris, when Milo gets here,I want you to debrief him as soon as medical gives you the okay.
Morris: Yeah, yeah, I'll debrief him, and thanks for rubbing that salt in the wounds.
Nadia: What are you talking about?
Morris: The nukes are armed because I'm a coward, and now you want me to listen to Milo talk about what a bloody hero he is. Agh!

Buchanan: Jack, what's going on?
Jack: I'll explain everything later.
Buchanan: That's not good enough.
Jack: Bill, please. Just trust me. This is personal.

Marilyn: How do you know he won't betray us?
Jack: He wants to live.

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